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Apple HomeKit Integration and Custom Accessories

grandcentrix HomeKit-enables existing products and develops custom HomeKit Accessories.

Apple HomeKit consolidates technologies to make Smart Home and Automation solutions available via a single central API on iOS devices.
With the release of iOS 10, HomeKit occupies a prominent spot in the user interface of iPhones and iPads, widely extending the possibilities of Siri.
No other Connected Home technology can be integrated into the iOS user experience as seamlessly as HomeKit.
The need for installing additional apps lets competing solutions fall behind in terms of long-term persistence, usability and integration compatibility.
Facing the varied fast-paced challenges of integrating HomeKit into a product can be a strenuous task for a manufacturer looking back on years of established tradition.

Für Hersteller mit langjähriger Tradition ist es schwierig einzuschätzen, was die Integration von HomeKit konkret bedeutet.

As an experienced Apple MFi Developer, grandcentrix will accompany you all the way through your HomeKit productions:

  • Development of custom HomeKit Accessory Protocol(HAP) firmware
  • Implementing the Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration(WAC) protocol
  • Hardware design for IP and BLE Accessories
  • MFi Certification
  • Brokering of MFi Manufacturers for sourcing the Apple Authentication Coprocessor 2.0C (“HomeKit chip”)

The time to look into HomeKit integration is now.


We are convinced: Smart Home products which do not support HomeKit on iOS will have a hard time in the near future. Using their ability to act more swiftly and agile, smaller manufacturers are putting up the pressure and occupying the market right now.

Our team of HomeKit experts regularly consults customers on topics like:

  • What is the best strategy to get my existing products HomeKit-enabled?
  • How can I ensure simultaneous compatibility with Android devices?
  • Can existing products be connected via a HomeKit Bridge as Philips does with their Hue series? How do I approach this?
  • What are the requirements and at which point do we get into contact with Apple Inc.?
  • What are the expected costs for development and production of my HomeKit Accessories?
  • Which licensing conditions do I have to consider for HomeKit products?
  • What is the impact of HomeKit in terms of electronics?
  • Starting with iOS 11 the Apple Authentication Coprocessor is no longer mandatory for all Accessories. Read more.
  • What is the required time schedule for the realization of HomeKit products?
  • What are the formal requirements to become a Licensed MFi Manufacturer?
  • Does Apple demand recurring royalty payments for HomeKit?

grandcentrix consults from a strategic point of view and take care of any necessary development efforts for all platforms as well as the arrangements with Apple Inc.


We see ourselves as a creative systems integrator and partner for enterprises in the industry.
As a reliable premium service provider we are the ideal partner for long-term cooperations. Fast-tracking a prototype for an urgent exhibition is our metier just as much as taking responsibility for persistent operation and maintenance.