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grandcentrix – Germany’s most modern system integrator

We are the leading system integrator and app agency for large-scale Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (“Industry 4.0”), and Smart Products solutions. With more than 144 experts from the areas of design thinking and user experience design, electronic development, embedded development, app and web development, IoT platform development and machine learning, as well as system integration, operation and maintenance, we are transforming the market with our digital solutions.

More than 144 experts for design thinking and user experience, electronic, embedded, platform, web, and app development, analytics, machine learning, operation and maintenance

Our dedicated full-time user experience designers, electronic-, embedded-, mobile and backend developers, platform specialists, security consultants and agile project managers make grandcentrix the most successful, creative system integrator with a focus on developing digital products in the German-speaking world. There’s a good reason why market-leading companies have long relied on grandcentrix as an engine and driver of innovation.

grandcentrix is a Microsoft Azure IoT Partner and belongs to the renowned circle of Microsoft Cloud Platform Advisors. We operate our own carrier-grade infrastructure in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and German data privacy at our fully redundant locations in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. As an Amazon AWS Partner and Google Cloud Platform Partner, we provide cross-manufacturer consultation.

Our membership in the Bluetooth SIG allows us to actively influence the design of basic technologies for Internet of Things applications. As part of our active Apple MFi membership, we develop HomeKit Accessories or make existing devices HomeKit-ready on customer request. As a Thread Group Member we move 6LoWPAN mesh networks forward.

Tap the potential of the Internet of Things with the development and operating expertise of grandcentrix

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a megatrend.

Cisco predicts that around 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

Gartner describes a global sales growth potential of 270 billion dollars in the same timeframe for the Internet of Everything.

In 2020, analysts expect 6.1 billion smartphone users, nearly four-and-a-half times as many as in 2016.

Apart from these major figures, product manufacturers and service providers are facing enormous challenges:

  • Proprietary technologies encountering web standards.
  • Embedded development vs. highly scalable service platforms.
  • Maximum security requirements must be in line with permanent networking via public networks.

Digital innovation requires interdisciplinary product teams.

Challenge critical to success in developing Internet of Things solutions

In addition to the wide-reaching business effects of digital innovation, the Internet of Things presents companies from all industries with technological challenges:

grandcentrix IoT Core Protocols and Competencies

grandcentrix IoT Core Protocols and Competencies
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  • Applied concept development and user experience design have to take complex technical parameters into consideration during the creation phase.
  • IT systems developed over time that were never designed for IoT applications have to be seamlessly integrated and should be virtually infinitely scalable.
  • Highly specialized electronic components have to communicate with standard interfaces designed for the web but not for resource-friendly transport.
  • Embedded firmware development meets carrier-grade platform architectures – paradigms that couldn’t be any more different.
  • The need for security for communication taking place over public networks is facing products that were traditionally operated in physical isolation.
  • Fast-paced changes and short periods between releases are a stark contrast to decades-long product life cycles.
  • Agile development methods are in competition with established production processes.

Specialized in large-scale Internet of Things and Smart Products solutions, grandcentrix addresses these challenges.

As a real unique selling point, grandcentrix combines its complete technology and user experience expertise for IoT and Smart Home production.